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About Us

The Office of Research facilitates the conduct of Research for Dell Medical School through sponsored projects administration, regulatory guidance, system navigation, core facility management, process development, and strategic planning.

Additional information can be found under these topics:

Research Quality and Regulatory Affairs
Sponsored Projects Administration
Research Policies and Guidelines
Research Resources and Tools
Medical Education Research Oversight Committee

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Questions About...Who to Contact
Office of Research
Chief Research Officer and Associate Dean for ResearchChris Webb
Projects, Initiatives or CommunicationsRebecca Abbott
General AdministrationJessica Miller
Sponsored Projects
Sponsored Projects AdministrationLindsey Demeritt
Pre-Award (proposal preparation, budget development)Mickey Roberts, Sydney Bair
Contracts and Awards Negotiations (CDA, NDA, CTA, MTA)David Hawkins
Data Use Agreements
Tom Street
Clinical Budget Building and Negotiation

Lindsey Demeritt

Post-Award (reporting, financial management, non-competing renewals)Jessie Criswell
Research Quality and Regulatory Affairs
Dell Med Regulatory Affairs and Research QualityTom Street
IRB SubmissionsSue Peixotto
Research Space and Equipment
Clinical Research Space and/or Procedures

Rebecca Abbott

Core Facilities and Shared Lab SpaceJulie Hayes
Shared lab equipmentSateria Lozano-Delaney
Research Data
UTHA, Seton, or Other Clinical Partner DataDell Med Data Core
Research Privacy Questions (HIPAA)Tom Street
Data Use and SharingTom Street
Sponsored Projects MetricsLindsey Demeritt
Strategic Planning or Project DataRebecca Abbott

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