Dell Medical School

Research Funding Expectations

In order to accelerate our Dell Med research mission toward success and sustainability, we are continuing to work together to provide clear guidelines and expectations for faculty investigators. One of our gaps has been a lack of written expectations around external funding support of research activities. The clinical chairs, associate chairs for research and Dell Med leadership team have discussed these guidelines and agreed on the following:
1.    By the third year at Dell Med, faculty with assigned research effort are expected to have made substantial progress toward creating a sustainable research program. Specific targets toward that end are to have acquired external funding for a minimum of 50% of their individual research effort and associated research costs.
2.    By the fifth year, faculty are expected to have established sustainability of their research effort through significant external funding. Although our ultimate goal is to acquire external support for all research activities, expected targets are external funding for a minimum of 75% of individual research effort as well as 100% of all associated research costs.  Tenure lines, endowments, and negotiated start-up or departmental support may be used to achieve full support of all research activities.
3.    Departmental chairs/domain leads will be responsible for working with their respective faculty to achieve these goals or to amend expectations or effort allocations based on individual faculty circumstances. They will also set start dates for these expectations, taking into consideration some of the initial challenges when Dell Med was first established.
4.    Departmental research plans with regard to these expectations will be approved annually by senior leadership through the annual strategic and budget process.
Our goal is to optimize both faculty professional success and financial sustainability. We look forward to supporting your efforts towards these goals as we continue to develop research infrastructure. We believe that these goals are not only necessary to sustain our research mission, but also the best way to achieve individual faculty research reputation and success. Thank you for your contributions to Dell