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Medical Education Research Oversight Committee

The Medical Education Research Oversight Committee is tasked with tracking educational research and evaluation studies involving DMS students and/or teachers for the purpose of (1) granting access to medical education data, (2) monitoring extra time demands on students or faculty for data gathering purposes (3) ensuring no overlap in studies, and (4) helping to showcase the scholarly work of the Medical Education Department. The committee is also available for research support if needed (e.g., guidance on study design, dissemination avenues, etc.).

Instructions: DMS faculty interested in conducting an educational research or evaluation study must complete the following form prior to submitting an IRB application.

  • If requesting course assessment data, approval must be obtained from the Course Director.
  • Requests for data managed by the Medical Education Department (e.g., admissions, national exams, course and faculty evaluations, etc.) OR requests to gather additional data from students or faculty will be reviewed by the committee and approved pending IRB approval. Once IRB approval is obtained the data will be shared with the researcher/s via Box.
  • If you are a course/clerkship director and already have access to the data needed for your study, submit the form for tracking purposes only.
  • If any changes are made to the study (design, methods, data collected, etc.), re-submit the form indicating the changes.
  • If the research is not carried out within 1 year of the request, re-submit the form indicating the new timeline.

If you would like to submit your research proposal request to the committee, please complete the form below.

DMS Research Request Form

If you have questions for the committee, please send them to Michael Dean