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Resources for Student Well-Being

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Supporting Key Dimensions of Student Well-Being

Dell Med students have access to robust resources to support their well-being — from counseling services to career advising to exercise classes and beyond.

Dimensions of Well-Being


Creative well-being is the ability to engage in artistic expression. Creativity can improve our critical thinking, reduce stress and provide healthy coping mechanisms.
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Cultural & Spiritual

Cultural well-being is the ability to practice one’s own cultural background, as well as learning about and appreciating others’ cultures. It also includes the ability to use this knowledge to work towards building welcoming environments.
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Emotional well-being is learning to cope with, identify, express and manage the entire range of emotions effectively.
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Environmental well-being is interconnecting nature and self to preserve, protect and improve the environment.
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Financial well-being is the having financial security and financial freedom of choice, in the present and in the future.
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Intellectual well-being is all about learning – being curious, thinking critically and keeping an open mind to new ideas.
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Physical well-being is the result of lifestyle choices, including sleep, diet, physical activity, hygiene and relaxation. Physical well-being has many components and there are multiple ways to improve it.
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Professional well-being as a student is the result of achieving a healthy school-life balance. This also includes engaging in professional development opportunities.
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Social well-being is building and maintaining healthy relationships with others. It also includes developing a sense of connection and belonging.
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